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Smith Utility District

Welcome To Smith Utility District!

Smith Utility District was organized under the provisions of The Utility District Act of 1937 to install a sanitary water system. The District was incorporated June 3, 1961 by a decree issued by the County Court of Smith County, Tennessee. John C. Waggoner, Sr., A.J. Brown and Paul Bass were named Commissioners of the District.

Plans were to provide water service to residents and property owners from Hickman to Gordonsville, continuing along Highway 53 to South Carthage, then east on Highway 70 to the Caney Fork River and west to Pope's Hill. In addition, a water intake on the Caney Fork River, a filtration plant, and two storage tanks would be included. Construction began in the spring of 1963, and was completed in the fall of 1964, at which time service to customers began. The official dedication of Smith Utility District was held June 19, 1965.

Since that time, Smith Utility District has expanded its services to include areas such as Elmwood, Pea Ridge, Grant and Highway 70 from Pope's Hill to the Wilson County line. Two Water Plant upgrades and expansions were also completed in 1980 and 2009.

The mission and commitment of Smith Utility District is to provide safe and reliable drinking water to its customers while keeping costs low, and still meet state and federal requirements.


P.O. Box 28
193 Gordonsville Hwy
Carthage, TN 37030
Office: 615-735-2793
Plant: 615-735-0795
Emergency after-hours: 615-735-0795
Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Smith Utility District - Water Rate Increases - Effective with the billing of January 1, 2024:

Residential and Commercial New Current
First 1,500 gallons (minimum) $20.95 $15.95
Per thousand gallons (over 1,500) $7.00 $6.00
First 1,500 gallons (minimum) $25.25 $20.25
Per thousand gallons (over 1,500) $7.00 $6.00
Pea Ridge
First 1,500 gallons (minimum) $28.25 $23.25
Per thousand gallons (over 1,500) $7.00 $6.00

Due to ever-rising operational costs and replacement of aging water meters and water lines, it is incumbent upon the district to raise the current water rates. This increase will take effect with the January 1, 2024 billing. Smith Utility District has not had a rate increase since 2017.

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